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Online Degrees at California Coast University

Associate Degrees (6)

  • A.S. Business Administration
  • A.S. Business Marketing
  • A.S. Criminal Justice
  • A.S. General Studies
  • A.S. Health Care Administration
  • A.S. Psychology

Bachelor's Degrees (7)

  • B.S. Business Administration
  • B.S. Business Marketing
  • B.S. Criminal Justice
  • B.S. General Studies
  • B.S. Health Care Administration
  • B.S. Management
  • B.S. Psychology

Master's Degrees (11)

  • M.A. Organizational Leadership
  • M.B.A
  • M.B.A. Business Marketing
  • M.B.A. Health Care Management
  • M.B.A. Human Resource Management
  • M.B.A. Management
  • M.Ed. Administration
  • M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction
  • M.S. Criminal Justice
  • M.S. Management
  • M.S. Psychology

Doctoral Degrees (3)

  • Ed.D. Educational Administration
  • Ed.D. Educational Psychology
  • Ed.D. Organizational Leadership

Certificates (16)

  • Grad. Cert. in Business Administration
  • Grad. Cert. in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Grad. Cert. in Educational Administration
  • Grad. Cert. in Health Care Management
  • Grad. Cert. in Human Resource Management
  • Grad. Cert. in Management Studies
  • Grad. Cert. in Marketing Studies
  • Grad. Cert. in Organizational Leadership
  • Grad. Cert. in Psychology Studies
  • Undergrad. Cert. in Business Administration
  • Undergrad. Cert. in Fundamentals of Criminal Justice
  • Undergrad. Cert. in Fundamentals of Finance
  • Undergrad. Cert. in Fundamentals of Management
  • Undergrad. Cert. in Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Undergrad. Cert. in Fundamentals of Psychology
  • Undergrad. Cert. in Health Care Administration