Columbia Southern University

  Orange Beach (AL)
  • School Accreditation: DEAC
  • School Type: Private, For-Profit
  • Financial Aid Recipients: 95%
  • Graduation Rate: 27%
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Online Degrees at Columbia Southern University

Associate Degrees (8)

  • A.A. General Studies
  • A.S. Business
  • A.S. Criminal Justice
  • A.S. Emergency Medical Services
  • A.S. Fire Science
  • A.S. Health Information Science
  • A.S. Health Information Science-Medical Coding
  • A.S. Occupational Safety and Health

Bachelor's Degrees (30)

  • B.S. Business Administration
  • B.S. Business Administration-Finance
  • B.S. Business Administration-Hospitality and Tourism
  • B.S. Business Administration-Human Resource Management
  • B.S. Business Administration-Information Technology
  • B.S. Business Administration-International Management
  • B.S. Business Administration-Management
  • B.S. Business Administration-Marketing
  • B.S. Business Administration-Project Management
  • B.S. Business Administration-Sports Management
  • B.S. Criminal Justice Administration
  • B.S. Criminal Justice Administration-Arson Investigation
  • B.S. Criminal Justice Administration-Forensics
  • B.S. Emergency Medical Services Administration
  • B.S. Environmental Management
  • B.S. Fire Administration
  • B.S. Fire Administration-Fire Investigation
  • B.S. Health Care Administration
  • B.S. Health Care Administration-Emergency Medical Services
  • B.S. Homeland Security
  • B.S. Human Resource Management
  • B.S. Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • B.S. Information Systems and Cyber Security-Homeland Security
  • B.S. Information Technology
  • B.S. Occupational Safety and Health
  • B.S. Occupational Safety and Health-Construction Safety
  • B.S. Occupational Safety and Health-Fire Science
  • B.S. Occupational Safety and Health-Oil and Gas
  • B.S. Organizational Leadership
  • B.S. Psychology

Master's Degrees (21)

  • M.S. Criminal Justice Administration
  • M.S. Emergency Services Management
  • M.S. Homeland Security - Criminal Justice
  • M.S. Homeland Security - Emergency Services Management
  • M.S. Homeland Security - Management
  • M.S. Occupational Safety and Health
  • M.S. Occupational Safety and Health-Environmental Management
  • M.S. Organizational Leadership
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration-Entrepreneurship
  • Master of Business Administration-Finance
  • Master of Business Administration-Health Care Management
  • Master of Business Administration-Human Resource Management
  • Master of Business Administration-Marketing
  • Master of Business Administration-Project Management
  • Master of Business Administration-Public Administration
  • Master of Public Administration-Criminal Justice Administration
  • Master of Public Administration-Emergency Services Management
  • Master of Public Administration-General
  • Master of Public Health-Community Health Education
  • Master of Public Health-General

Doctoral Degrees (1)

  • Doctor of Business Administration

Certificates (21)

  • Graduate Certificate-Environmental Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Finance
  • Graduate Certificate-Health Care Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Human Resource Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Marketing
  • Graduate Certificate-Occupational Safety and Health
  • Graduate Certificate-Project Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Public Administration
  • Undergraduate Certificate-Environmental Management
  • Undergraduate Certificate-Finance
  • Undergraduate Certificate-Fire Science
  • Undergraduate Certificate-Hospitality and Tourism
  • Undergraduate Certificate-Human Resource Management
  • Undergraduate Certificate-Industrial Hygiene Management
  • Undergraduate Certificate-Information Technology
  • Undergraduate Certificate-International Management
  • Undergraduate Certificate-Management
  • Undergraduate Certificate-Marketing
  • Undergraduate Certificate-Occupational Safety and Health
  • Undergraduate Certificate-Project Management
  • Undergraduate Certificate-Sports Management