Davenport University

  Grand Rapids (MI)
  • School Accreditation: HLC
  • School Type: Private, Non-Profit
  • Financial Aid Recipients: 98%
  • Acceptance Rate: 82%
  • Graduation Rate: 49%
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Find an Online Degree:


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Online Degrees at Davenport University

Associate Degrees (6)

  • Accounting, ABA
  • Business Administration, ABA
  • Computer Information Systems, AAS
  • Finance, ABA
  • Health Information Technology (HIT), AAS
  • Medical Assisting, AAS

Bachelor's Degrees (52)

  • Accounting Fraud Investigation, BBA
  • Accounting, BBA
  • Accounting, BBA: Internal Auditing
  • Accounting, BBA: Management Accounting
  • Applied Business, BAS
  • Business, BBA
  • Business, BBA: Global Project Management
  • Business, BBA: Risk Management & Insurance
  • Business, BBA: Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Computer Information Systems, BS
  • Computer Information Systems, BS: Database and Data Analytics
  • Computer Information Systems, BS: Programming
  • Computer Information Systems, BS: Secure Software Development
  • Computer Information Systems, BS: Web and Mobile Development
  • Computer Science, BS
  • Computer Science, BS: Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Science, BS: Computer Theory and Algorithms
  • Computer Science, BS: Gaming and Simulation
  • Cyber Defense, BS
  • Cyber Defense, BS: Health Care Information Assurance
  • Cyber Defense, BS: Information Assurance
  • Finance, BBA
  • Finance, BBA: Financial Planning
  • Health Information Management Completion, BS
  • Health Information Management, BS
  • Health Services Administration Completion, BS
  • Health Services Administration, BS
  • Health Services Administration, BS: Health Information Assurance
  • Health Services Administration, BS: Human Resource Management
  • Health Services Administration, BS: Project Management
  • Human Resource Management, BBA
  • Industrial Production Management, BBA
  • Industrial Production Management, BBA: Supply Chain Logistics
  • Management, BBA
  • Management, BBA: Global Project Management
  • Management, BBA: Risk Management & Insurance
  • Management, BBA: Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Marketing, BBA
  • Marketing, BBA: Digital Marketing & Promotion
  • Marketing, BBA: Marketing Technology
  • Medical Case Management Completion, BS
  • Medical Case Management, BS
  • Nursing Completion Program, BS
  • Nursing, BS: Medical Case Management
  • Sport Management, BBA
  • Technology Project Management, BS
  • Technology Project Management, BS: Accounting Information Systems
  • Technology Project Management, BS: Computer Information Systems
  • Technology Project Management, BS: Health Information Management
  • Technology Project Management, BS: Information Security
  • Technology Project Management, BS: Networking
  • Technology Project Management, BS: Professional Focused Technical

Master's Degrees (33)

  • Competency-Based Master of Business Administration, MBA
  • Computer Science, MS: Computer Science
  • Computer Science, MS: Security
  • Data Analytics, MS
  • Data Mining and Visualization, MBA
  • Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN
  • Finance Concentration, MBA
  • Finance, MAcc
  • Fraud Examiner and Internal Auditor, MAcc
  • Health Care Management Concentration, MBA
  • Health Informatics and Information Management, MS
  • Human Resource Management Concentration, MBA
  • Information Assurance and Cyber Security,MSIA
  • Information Assurance, MSIA
  • Leadership Strategies, MBA
  • Management Concentration, MBA
  • Managerial Accountant, MAcc
  • Managerial Accounting, MBA
  • Marketing Concentration, MBA
  • Master of Accountancy, MAcc
  • Master of Business Administration, MBA
  • Master of Management, MM
  • Master of Science in Computer Science, MS
  • Master of Science in Data Analytics
  • Nursing, MS: Nurse Educator
  • Nursing, MSN
  • Predictive Analytics and Data Visualization, MBA
  • Professional Accountant, MAcc
  • Sales Leadership, MBA
  • Strategic Management Concentration, MBA
  • Technology Management, MS
  • Urban Education, MEd
  • Urban Educational Leadership, MEd

Certificates (18)

  • Business Essentials, Graduate Certificate
  • Data Analytics Certificate
  • Data Mining and Visualization, Graduate Certificate
  • Family Nurse Practitioner, Post-Baccalaureate
  • Finance
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Global Project Management Certificate
  • Health Care Management, Graduate Certificate
  • Human Resource Management Certificate
  • Industrial Production Management
  • Internal Auditing
  • Leadership Strategies, Graduate Certificate
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Medical Case Management Certificate, Post-Baccalaureate
  • Predictive Analytics and Data Visualization, Graduate Certificate
  • Risk Management and Insurance Certificate
  • Strategic Management