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OnlineU has been publishing rankings of online colleges since 2014 and awarding scholarships since 2010. We pride ourselves on thorough research and fair assessment of all available online programs, with the hopes of helping students make educated decisions when choosing an online degree.

1,082 Colleges Ranked Since 2014

OnlineU is committed to a thoughtful and data-driven approach to ranking schools that benefits students and colleges alike.

  • Most Affordable Online Colleges & Programs: since 2014
  • Most Affordable Military Friendly Online Colleges: since 2014
  • Most Affordable Online Christian Colleges: since 2017
  • Most Affordable LGBTQ-Friendly Online Schools: since 2017
  • Most Affordable Online Colleges for Low-Income Students: since 2017
  • Most Affordable Online Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities: since 2017
  • Most Affordable Online Colleges for Women STEM: since 2017
  • Most Affordable Online Catholic Colleges: since 2019
  • Most Affordable Online Colleges for Hispanic and Latino Students: since 2019
  • Most Affordable Online Colleges with Open Admissions: since 2019

$912,000 Awarded in Scholarships Since 2010

OnlineU is a product of Optimal, a company that strives to empower people to make better decisions about careers and education. Optimal has provided scholarships to 225 students since 2010.

Optimal scholarships:

  • Community College Scholarship - $2,500
  • Military Scholarship - $2,000
  • Single Parent Scholarship - $2,000
  • Women's Scholarship - $2,000
  • 'Make a Difference' Scholarship - $1,000
  • Student Loan Repayment Grant - $2,000
  • Graduate School Scholarship to Teachers - $5,000
  • Need-based Scholarships - $2,500

Visit our scholarship page on the Optimal website to view previous winners and apply for our current scholarships.

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Optimal was formerly known as SR Education Group until January of 2020, when the company rebranded. All press releases from 2019 and before will refer to SR Education Group.












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